Mestrado em Informática na Saúde (pós-laboral), Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho 23/08/2011

50 ECTS; 2º Ano, Anual, 125,0 OT



Performing a project (or thesis) with characteristics associated with the development of a product as an information system or computational tool, or reformulation of an existing one, or that constitutes the integration of services to companies/institutions.
With this course the student should be able to make a synthesis of skills acquired throughout the course for the project of designing a product (or component), or integration of a service business / institutional.

In this course the student will be guided by the teacher responsible for guiding the work, either in theory or in practice and methodologies to be followed in order to achieve the goal that is proposed with the work.

Evaluation Methodology
The student will obtain approval in the course if he gets a rating equal to or greater than 9.5, which will result from the weighted average of the ratings given to the report of the work done and achieved in his discussion.


Method of interaction
At the beginning of the semester responsible for the course the students will convene for a meeting at which it will present the works / projects available, as well as their mentors.
These papers will be distributed to students, and after the assignment of work, the teaching method becomes the responsibility of guiding the project and should preferably be adopted mentoring scheme.

Software used in class