Internship in the field of Mechanical Project

Mechanical Engineering, Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho nº 14312/2015 - 02/12/2015

ECTS; º Ano, , 0,0 T + 0,0 PL + 0,0 TP + 0,0 P + 0,0 TC + 0,0 S + 0,0 E + 0,0 OT + 0,0 O


As internship is a curricular unit, students must be in the final year of their programme of study.

The course internship is intended to give the student a practical overview of the various types of activities in the area of Scientific Mechanical Design. The student should be able to integrate and apply the notions acquired in the course in solving problems of the future profession.

Course contents is varied according to students' choice from among all the suggested options. Training is supervised. Internships are held in the industry, organisations, IPT laboratories or in foreign educational establishments under the Erasmus program.

Evaluation Methodology
Students are evaluated according to the rules established in Stages of Rules of Degree in Mechanical Engineering ESTA.


Method of interaction
Supervision of the work developed at the host organisation and preparation of a final project or report.

Software used in class
In accordance with each individual internship program.