Principles and Techniques of Business Management

TeSP - Gestão Comercial e Vendas
6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 15,0 T + 45,0 PL

- Gonçalo Nuno Rodrigues Brás


The student should understand the various concepts comprising the general concept of management, and resolution of cases can put into practice all these same concepts.

1. What is an Organization
1.1. The historical development of the theory of Organizations
1.2. Company - a particular case of Organization
1.3. The Company versus Environment
1.4. The company structure
1.5. Types of Organization
2. Management by Objectives
2.1. Origins
2.2. Characteristics
2.3. Setting targets
2.4. Strategic planning and tactical planning
2.5. APO cycle
2.6. Appreciation criticize the PDB
3. Operating Function
3.1. Types of production process
3.2. Selection of the Production Process
3.3. The Quality Control
3.4. Productivity
4. The Financial function
4.1. The notion of financial function
4.2. The accounting tools
4.3. The financial balance
4.4. Profitability and self-financing
5. The Commercial Function
5.1. Definition of Marketing
5.2. The marketing strategy
5.3. Matrix Analysis
5.4. Customers Target identification
5.5. The variables of the marketing mix
6. The Role of Human Resources
6.1. What is your goal
6.2. The Motivation (main approaches)
6.3. Leadership and management styles
6.4. What is the Staff Management
6.5. Human Resources Strategy

Evaluation Methodology
Resolution and discussion of theoretical and practical work.

- Chiavenato, I. (1999). Introdução à teoria geral da administração. Rio de Janeiro: Edições Campus
- Macães, M. (2014). Manual de Gestão Moderna, Teoria e Prática. Portugal: Atual Editora

Method of interaction
Practical classes of proposed resolution of practical cases.

Software used in class