TeSP - Gestão Comercial e Vendas
6 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 15,0 T + 45,0 PL

- Vasco Renato Marques Gestosa da Silva

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Mastering new ways of communicating and Web 2.0 tools (1), using different social networks according to pre-established objectives (2), knowing the main mechanisms of electronic commerce (3). Acquiring skills in the use of the main electronic commerce tools (4).

     - Internet - associated concepts
     - Web 2.0 tool - Opencart - for website / online store creation: design, usability and information structure.
B) New ways of communication:
     - Strategies to promote the website / online store in social networks, blogs, websites, email services;
     - Mobile communication - definition of website / online store for use on mobile devices - mobile phones and tablets;
C) E-commerce
     - Electronic commerce models;
     - Technological Resources;
     - Security in electronic commerce;
     - Creation of a database for storing the information of the website / online store;
     - Use of tool for production of dynamic contents.

Evaluation Methodology
Evaluation project - 100%

- Ellis-Chadwick, F. e Chaffey, D. (2012). Digital Marketing - Strategy, Implementation and Practice. (Vol. 1). Reino unido: Pearson
- Adolpho, C. (2012). Os 8 Ps do Marketing Digital - O guia estratégico de marketing digital. (Vol. 1). Brasil: Texto Editores
- Adobe Creative Team, A. (2012). Adobe Illustrator CS6: Classroom in a book. (Vol. 1). New Jersey: Adobe Press
- Oliveira, H. (2011). Flash CS5.5 & CS5 - Depressa & Bem. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: FCA

Method of interaction
Theoretical and practical classes with resolution of practical cases

Software used in class
Adobe Flash.