Digital Media and Contents


Mestrado em Museus, Património e Sociedade do Conhecimento, Publication in the Diário da República - Acta n.º72 CE CC ESGT

2 ECTS; 1º Ano, , 14,0 S + 3,0 OT


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a) To learn the basic knowledge needed to build or integrate applications of multimedia components;
b) To learn some of the tools available for building this type of applications, equipment and services
c) Applications, services and equipment used for business, education and training throughout life

New forms of media - multimedia
Digital content - text, audio, photo, video, 3D
Visualization, Interaction and Learning
Intelligent Environments

Evaluation Methodology
The student must produce a brief report with
conclusions and presentation of an application already existing in museums and heritage.

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Method of interaction
Participation in seminars with invited guests from institutions or companies that develop, investigate and apply
multimedia and digital content, such as national television broadcast.

Software used in class