Entrepreneurship in Healthcare


Master's degree in Health Resources Management

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 41,0 TP


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At the end of the course the students should:
- be familiar with the process of starting up companies;
-be able to describe the figure of the entrepreneur;
-be able to recognize and evaluate business ideas and opportunities;
-be able to identify marketable technologies;
-be able to identify...

1. Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Process
2. Entrepreneur / Intra-Entrepreneur
3. Idea and opportunity
4. Technology, Product and Market
5. Business Plan

Evaluation Methodology
Assessment includes two components:

- written test - 20% (4/20 grade points)
- Critical report - 30% (6/20 grade points)
- Scientific paper - 50% (10/20 grade points)

- Baranano, A. (2004). Métodos e Técnicas de Investigação em Gestão. (Vol. 1). lisboa: Edições Sílabo

Method of interaction
Lectures and tutorials supported by case study analysis.
The students are expected to develop Business Plans with the lecturer's guidance.

Software used in class