Health and Safety at Work

Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour
5 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 60,0 TP + 15,0 OT

- Ana Marta Diniz Santos Rodrigues

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Students should acquire the knowledge and the skills that will enable them to identify and define the basic concepts of health and safety at work based on preventive actions that can improve the quality of life of the staff of an organisation.

1. The importance of health and safety at work in the management of human resources and its historical development.
2. The implementation of health and safety at work management.
3. The human factor

Evaluation Methodology
Mid-term assessment requires a minimum mark of 9.5/20 as follows:
Written test (60%) and presentation on a health and safety at work topic (40%);
Exam-based assessment: written test (100%).

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Method of interaction
Lectures focusing on course content presentation.
Theoretical-practical classes focus on case study analysis and presentation and discussion of student assignments.

Software used in class