Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour, Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho nº 1887/2016 - 05/02/2016

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Elementary Ergonomics and its applicability.
Develop ergonomic problem detection and problem solving skills.

1.Introduction to Ergonomics: concepts, methods and techniques
2.Anatomy, physiology and psychology
4.Occupational biomechanics
5.Work places
6.Phisical environment
7.The human factor in the workplace
8.Product ergonomics

Evaluation Methodology
Projet (20%) + Writen test (80%) or Final exam (100%)

- ABRAHÃO, J. (2009). Introdução à Ergonomia. São Paulo: Edgard Blücher.
- DUL, J. (2004). Ergonomia prática. São Paulo: Edgard Blücher.
- IIDA, I. (2005). Ergonomia: Projeto e Produção. São Paulo: Edgard Blucher.
- MIGUEL, A. (2012). Manual de Higiene e Segurança do Trabalho. Porto: Porto Editora.

Method of interaction
Theoretical/practical classes supported by datashow and case study analysis. Student project presentation.

Software used in class
Not applicable.