Business Law

5 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 TP

- Manuel António Diogo Carlos
- Cláudia Liliana Sousa Rosa Henriques

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An overview as complete as possible of the legal discipline of business and economic activities of their respective agents, as well as legal acts developed in this area.

I - Introduction;
II - Commercial transactions;
III - General rules of commercial transactions;
IV - The subject of business;
V - The Merchant Organisation;
VI - Company protection;
VII - Insolvency, Bankrupcy and Corporate Restructuring;
VIII - Commercial Contracts;
IX - Securities;
X - Commercial Companies.

Evaluation Methodology
Two frequencies, being "Approved" the student who obtains an average of 10 values. The student "Admitted to the Exam", do a written examination, being "Approved" if obtains 10 values. At the time of appeal, it is "Approved" if obtains 10 values.

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Method of interaction
Theoretical and practical lessons, in which the various syllabuses are developed, followed by a period stop solving practical exercises and answering questions.

Software used in class