Mestrado em Manutenção de Instalações Técnicas, Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho n.º 12546/2014

6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 15,0 T + 30,0 TP + 4,0 OT


Not applicable.

Students should be afamiliar with the methods to control air contamination in industrial environments and in general. They should be able to study and examine general and local ventilation.

1. Introduction and basic concepts
2. National legislation
3. Concepts of Industrial Ventilation 4. Pipe sizing
5. Fans
6. Operation of local exhausting systems
7. Assessment of ventilation, ckeck and measurement systems
8. Control and treatment of captured emissions.
9. Project presentation.

Evaluation Methodology
Final assessment is based on a ventilation project. The final grade is calculated according to the following
(NF = 0.5xNT +0.5xNA)where NF - final grade; NT - mark of project and NA -mark of oral presentation.


Method of interaction
Lectures and practical classes focused on carrying out practical assignments. Problem solving and case study analysis.

Software used in class