Internship in the field of Energy and Fluid Technologies

Mechanical Engineering
ECTS; º Ano, , 0,0 T + 0,0 PL + 0,0 TP + 0,0 P + 0,0 TC + 0,0 S + 0,0 E + 0,0 OT + 0,0 O


As internship is a curricular unit, students must be in the final year of their programme of study.

Acquisition of a practical overview of the various types of activities of the Mechanical Engineer. Integration and application of concepts acquired in the MEB in solving problems related with the future occupation.

Syllabus is varied according to the specific choices of students. The training part is taken through a guided study. Are assigned and scheduled jobs internship in the industry, companies, laboratories IPT or even in foreign educational institutions through the ERASMUS program. These works are integrated into the scientific area of Fluids and Energetic Technology.

Evaluation Methodology
Assessment is in accordance with the Internal Training Regulations of ESTA?s Mechanical Engineering Department. For Erasmus internships, assessment follows Erasmus regulations.


Method of interaction
Work carried out in a real work environment. In addition, there will be significant time to clarify the main problems encountered in the work and to make the final report.

Software used in class
Not applicable.