Digital Systems

Computer Engineering
6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 28,0 T + 42,0 TP + 5,0 OT

- Raul Manuel Domingos Monteiro
- Ana Carla Vicente Vieira
- Francisco José Alexandre Nunes
- Manuel Fernando Martins de Barros

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Students should learn the key concepts of digital logic: numerical coding systems, basic logic gates and Boole's Algebra and be able to analyse and draw combinatorial circuits and LSI, MSI and LSI sequences. Design of logic programmable devices.

1) Introduction
2) Boolean logic functions
3) Simplifications of logic expressions 4) Digital representation
5) Logic families of integrated circuits
6) Combinatorial logic circuits of medium complexity
7) Basic sequential circuits
8) Synthesis and analysis of sequential circuits
9) Counters, registers and memories.
10) Programmable Logic Devices
11) Introduction to microprocessers

Evaluation Methodology
Written exam 2x Tests (50%)
Homeworks and Labs (40%)
Final project (10%).

- Dias, M. (2013). Sistemas Digitais - Princípio e prática. (Vol. 1). FCA
- Moss, G. e Tocci, R. (2009). Digital Systems - Priciples and Applications. (Vol. 1). (pp. 992). Perason - Prentice Hall
- Oliveira, A. e Monteiro, J. e Arroz, G. (2009). Arquitectura de Computadores: dos Sistemas Digitais aos Microprocessadores. (Vol. 1). IST - Instituto Superior Técnico
- Barros, M. (0). Sebenta e Slides de Sistemas Digitais (PT). Acedido em 24 de setembro de 2015 em

Method of interaction
Lectures, Problem solving classes and Laboratory classes;

Software used in class
Free Tools:
Logisim (
Eagle (
LTSpice (

MultiSim (
Proteus (