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Transdisciplinary Centre of Archaeologies



Field work Unit

Making use of T.C.A. available self-resources and collaborating with partner institutions linked by cooperation agreements, the fieldwork unit is intended to:

a) Manage and catalogue fieldwork recovered material;

b) Conduct and follow-up digging and prospection operations;

c) Proceed with the archaeological and geomorphological mapping of the region.

d). Carry out emergency work.


Laboratory Unit

Making use of T. C. A. available self-resources and collaborating with partner institutions linked by cooperation agreements, the Laboratory Unit is intended to:

a). Inventory, handle, store and study the artifacts, ecofacts and samples from fieldwork or donations made to the Institute.

b). Document the interventions in all forms used in archaeology, especially in digital form;

c). Collaborate in the recovery and enhancement of archaeological sites, artifacts, ecofacts, or other archaeological documents and sources;

d). Draw up proposals for the classification of sites and archaeological assemblages;

e). Manage the collections in their care according to the portuguese law;

f). Develop thematic drawing and cartography;


Archeology Didactics Unit

The Publishing Unit is comprised of the T. C. A. Director and two reputed individuals appointed by the Institute's President under the proposal of the T. C. A. Director and aims to:

a) Give an advisory opinion, when prompted, about any projects involving the T. C. A.;

b) Assist in the preparation, implementation and management of projects for the dissemination of Archaeological Heritage;

c) Assess reports and studies developed under the T. C. A. intended for publication;

d). Support the T. C. A. in the conduction of expert evaluations and provision of scientific opinions as well as collaborate with it in educational activities, specific training actions, exhibitions and publishing of brochures and flyers;

e) Interact with the public by organising temporary exhibitions or other activities;


Editorial Unit

The Editorial Unit is the result of the archaeological work of all those who want to share their knowledge and is included in the following digital publications.

These specialty journals are now available to all on the Documentation and Archive Center website as a way to unite synergies in the Polytechnic.

1. Ângulo - Série I http://www.cda.ipt.pt/?pagina=vinculo_cta&seccao=Angulo_-_Repositorio_Didactico

2. Antrope http://www.cda.ipt.pt/?pagina=vinculo_cta&seccao=Antrope

3. O Ideário Patrimonial http://www.cda.ipt.pt/?pagina=vinculo_cta&seccao=O_Ideario_Patrimonial#