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Most recent articles (Peer reviewed)


Visco-elastic systems as a quadratic eigenvalue problem

Forjaz, M.A., Almeida, A.M., Fernandes, L.M., Pamplona, J., De Lacerda-Arôso, T.

AIP Conference Proceedings

Volume 1863, 21 July 2017, Article number 270008



Approaching an overdamped system as a quadratic eigenvalue problem

Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 4, 1 July 2017, Pages 961-965



Valorisation of phosphorus-saturated constructed wetlands for the production of sugarcane

Mateus, D. M. R., Vaz, M. M. N., Pinho, H. J. O.

Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy

Volume 6, Issue 1, 6 April 2017, Pages 1-6



Study of an energy mix for the production of Hydrogen

Pereira C.A., Coelho P.M., Fernandes J.F., Gomes M.H.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Volume 42, Issue 2, 12 January 2017, Pages 1375-1382



Measurements of the viscosity of molten lithium nitrate by the oscillating-cup method

Nunes, V.M.B., Lourenço, M.J.V., Santos, F.J.V., de Castro, C.A.N.

International Journal of Thermophysics

Volume 38, Issue 1, 1 January 2017, Article number 13



Molten salts as engineering fluids – A review: Part I. Molten alkali nitrates

Nunes, V.M.B., Queirós, C.S., Lourenço, M.J.V., Santos, F.J.V., Nieto de Castro, C.A.

Applied Energy

Volume 183, 1 December 2016, Pages 603-611



Water quality monitoring in the Paul do Boquilobo Biosphere Reserve

Baptista, C., Santos, L.

Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C

Volume 94, August 2016, Pages 180–187



The potential growth of sugarcane in constructed wetlands designed for tertiary treatment of wastewater

Mateus, D. M. R., Vaz, M. M. N., Capela, I., Pinho, H. J. O.

Water (Switzerland)

Volume 8, Issue 3, 10 March 2016, Article number 93



Semi-empirical modeling of gas–liquid mass transfer in gas–liquid–liquid systems in stirred tanks

Pinho, H.J.O., Alves, S.S

Chemical Engineering Communications

Volume 203, Issue 1, 2 January 2016, Pages 94-102



The second-order cone eigenvalue complementarity problem

Fernandes, L.M., Fukushima, M., Júdice, J.J., Sherali, H.D.

Optimization Methods and Software

Volume 31, Issue 1, 2 January 2016, Pages 24-52



Electrochemical oxidation of paraquat in neutral medium

Cartaxo, M.A.M., Borges, C.M., Pereira, M.I.S., Mendonça, M.H.

Electrochimica Acta

Volume 176, 10 September 2015, Pages 1010–1018



On an enumerative algorithm for solving eigenvalue complementarity problems

Fernandes, L.M., Júdice, J.J., Sherali, H.D., Forjaz, M.A.

Computational Optimization and Applications

Volume 59, Issue 1-2, October 2014, Pages 113-134



Robust control charts in industrial production of olive oil

Grilo, L.M., Mateus, D.M.R., Alves, A.C., Grilo, H.L.

AIP Conference Proceedings

Volume 1618, 6 October 2014, Pages 539-542



On the symmetric quadratic eigenvalue complementarity problem

Fernandes, L.M., Júdice, J.J., Fukushima, M., Iusem, A.

Optimization Methods and Software

Volume 29, Issue 4, 4 July 2014, Pages 751-770



On the computation of all eigenvalues for the eigenvalue complementarity problem

Fernandes, L.M., Júdice, J.J., Sherali, H.D., Fukushima, M.

Journal of Global Optimization

Volume 59, Issue 2-3, July 2014, Pages 307-326



Sugarcane as constructed wetland vegetation: Preliminary studies

Mateus, D.M.R., Vaz, M.M.N., Capela, I., Pinho, H.J.O.

Ecological Engineering

Volume 62, January 2014, Pages 175-178