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Mobility programmes


Mobility programmes:


ERASMUS programme European countries

IPT has participated in the Erasmus Programme since the begining of the project. Currently IPT has Erasmus+ bilateral agreements with circa 175 partner universities.



If you want to undertake an ERASMUS+ mobility period in our Institute first you need to contact the International Relations Office of your University in order to know the procedures required to undertake mobility abroad.

If you want to apply for study mobility, please check first if there is a bilateral agreement signed between your University and our Institute.

You should also consult the IPT’s ECT guide where you will find all the necessary information for your application http://www.gri.ipt.pt/?pag=47&lng=PT#

Once selected as an Erasmus student, your University must inform us of your nomination.


Application procedures - Required documents
After being nominated by your University, you must send by email (gri@ipt.pt) or via OLA platform https://www.learning-agreement.eu the following documents

1. Student Application Form;

2. An Academic Transcript of Records from the Student’s Home University;

3. Learning Agreement for Studies (if you want to complete a study period)  or  the Learning Agreement for Training (if you prefer to undertake a training period);

4. Copy of the European Health Insurance Card for the period spent in Portugal or a copy of any other insurance document covering the mobility period;

5. Application form for accommodation (if you want to apply for a room in our student residence)

The forms are available in our web page: http://www.gri.ipt.pt/?pag=9&lng=EN;


Any questions or doubts please contact our IRO (gri@ipt.pt).

In case you have questions concerning your courses or your study programme at IPT, please contact the programme coordinator directly. You cand find the contacts in our webpage: http://www.gri.ipt.pt/download/site/gri/1718/ii1718finalacademicguidance.pdf


If everything is in order with your application, our Institute will send to your University your acceptance letter and learning agreement signed.


ERASMUS programme International Credit Mobility – ICM

Through the new "International Credit Mobility" action (ICM for short) European HEIs can now set up mobility agreements with partners from around the world.


The calls for applications are public and transparent and announced at each Partner University. For further information, you should contact your university services.


Do you have any doubts? Contact icm@ipt.pt



See the application procedures at http://www.gri.ipt.pt/?pag=44&lng=EN where you can find the announcement with the general terms of the application: http://www.gri.ipt.pt/download/site/gri/Guias/edital__general_icm__final_version-2020_7.pdf and the ICM Scholarship guide: http: //www.gri .ipt.pt / download / site / gri / 19_20 / guia-icm.pdf


Santander Ibero American Mobility

IPT participates in Santander Ibero American Mobility, a program driven by the Santander Group aiming at strengthening the mobility and exchange of students among Ibero-American universities.


You should contact your university's International Relations Office for more information.


Mobility through cooperation agreement programmes

IPT have agreements with several institutions all around the world that allow student mobility.


Please see the application procedures in our webpage http://www.gri.ipt.pt/?pag=9&lng=EN

You can view a list of our partner institutions in our webpage:



Do you have any doubts? Contact spoc@ipt.pt