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The Identification Card of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT) results from an agreement between the Institution and Banco Santander Totta, which provides our Institution with the best conditions for pursuing its mission and strategic objectives, through incentives for excellence in teaching, research, development and innovation, culture, heritage enhancement and support for students of merit and those with economic difficulties.


Pedido de Cartão


Card Issuance

(no bank account)

The issuance of the IPT identification card may be requested under several circumstances:

- Issuance of the first copy (the card was never requested), fill in here. After completing and subscribing the form, you must save the document in pdf format.

- Issuance of a duplicate (the card has already been issued), cases of loss, theft, expiration date. In these cases, you must send an email to helpdesk@ipt.pt identifying your student number and the reason for forfeiture/theft/loss

Card Distribution

Without banking, within 2 to 3 weeks, the cards will be available at:

- Students from the Superior School of Management of Tomar (ESGT) and the Superior School of Technology of Tomar (ESTT) must pick up at the single counter (BUn-SPOC).

- Students from the Abrantes School of Technology (ESTA) must pick up at ESTA's Academic Services.

In case of doubts or any problem with the issuance of your card, please contact by e-mail the helpdesk@ipt.pt