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Master's degree in Family Business Management and Entrepreneurship


Provide a solid scientific, technological and social learning, supported by a programme and courses that includes contact with real situations and laboratories experiences. This cycle of studies is based on the development of a diverse set of skills and competencies that permits excellent career opportunities and pursue postgraduate studies.



The goal of the Master?s degree in Family Businesses and Entrepreneurship is to deliver high-quality professionals prepared to manage SMEs and family businesses and develop Business Plans.
This master's programme aims to contribute to the development, progress and continuity of family businesses as well as foster intra-entrepreneurship within existing organisations and new attitudes and morel critical thinking on potential entrepreneurs by training skilled professionals to perform effectively in the complex, competitive and dynamic environment of family businesses.
The main goal of this second-cycle programme offered at the Management School-IPT is to provide family businesses with human resources prepared to ensure business succession and continuity within the global market and, if possible, open up new prospects for future development.


Course coordinator

Jorge Manuel Marques Simões

Jorge Manuel Marques Simões

Gabinete: O 201
t.: 249 328 121
ext.: 3179
endereço de e-mail

Erasmus coordinator

José Manuel Barros Pinheiro Nogueira

José Manuel Barros Pinheiro Nogueira

Gabinete: O209
ext.: 2102
endereço de e-mail

Administrative Support Staff

Isabel Maria Lopes Pereira

Isabel Maria Lopes Pereira

Gabinete: B 115
t.: 249 328 290
ext.: 3108
endereço de e-mail

Professional Goals

The Master's degree in Family Business Management and Entrepreneurship aims mainly at:
Training high-level professionals in family business issues capable of promoting their sustainability by holistically monitoring the business property and the family as collaborators, consultants or others;
Promoting an intra-entrepreneurship mindset in existing organisations and a new, critical attitude in potential entrepreneurs.

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