Programming I

TeSP - Automação Industrial
5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 67,50 TP

- Fernando Sérgio Hortas Rodrigues

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Problem solving using algorithms.
Using a programming language to express an algorithm.
Using 'C' programming language to build a computer program.

Introduction to Computers and Programming.
Algorithms and languages.
Data manipulation.
Decision-making structures.
Repetition structures.
Composite data structures (arrays; structures; strings).
Modularity(Functions and Procedures).
Recursive algorithms.
Dynamic memory allocation.

Evaluation Methodology
There isn't Periodic Eval.
Continuous Eval.: Final Test (30%)

Final Eval.
-Continuous Eval. Grade (30%) ou Exame (30%)
-Programming Project (70%). Mandatory live discussion
Final Teste and Exame mín grade: 7 val.;
Prog. Project mín grade: 10 val

- Aguilar, L. (2008). Fundamentos de Programação: Algoritmos, Estruturas de Dados e Objetos. -: McGraw Hill
- Damas, L. (1999). Linguagem C. Portugal: FCA
- Ritchie, D. e Kerninghan, B. (1988). The C Programming Language. -: Prentice Hall

Method of interaction
Theoretical-Practical Lectures: Theoretical concepts presentation. Classes with practical exercises.

Software used in class
Visual Studio (C Language Compiler)