Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour
10 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 10,0 OT

- Isabel Maria da Cruz Ferreira
- Maria Graciete da Purificação Reis Henriques Honrado
- Paula Alexandra da Cruz Silva Pina de Almeida
- Sílvio Manuel da Rocha Brito
- Maria Alexandra Falcão Bento Baptista Vilhena de Carvalho
- Maria Fernanda Pires Aparício
- Ana Luísa Junça da Silva
- Ana Marta Diniz Santos Rodrigues

On a date to be communicated annually, the students wishing to engage in an internship program should contact the course director to formalise it.

a)Placement/Internship is a module incorporated in the course curriculum and it may have a different designation.
b)Placement/Internship is intended to provide professional experience in the final stage of their course of study and facilitate students' integration in the labour market.

The trainee will remain for an agreed duration in a renowned institution that is willing to receive him/her. In the course of the placement period, the trainee will perform a number of activities regarded as relevant both to its insertion in the working world and to the hosting institution in compliance with the agreed training plan.

Evaluation Methodology
Preparation of a report on the activities classified and developed in training camp, which is given a rating by the entity's supervisor where the student matures and the course supervisor.

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Method of interaction
The trainee wil be followed-up by a supervisor appointed by the ESGT and may include face-to-face sessions at ESGT and contacts with the host institution.

Software used in class
Not applicable.