Final Project

Electronics and Computer Engineering
12 ECTS; 3º Ano, Anual, 14,0 O

- Mário Helder Rodrigues Gomes
- Manuel Fernando Martins de Barros
- Paulo Manuel Machado Coelho
- Raul Manuel Domingos Monteiro
- Pedro Manuel Granchinho de Matos
- Pedro Daniel Frazão Correia
- José Filipe Correia Fernandes
- Carlos Alberto Farinha Ferreira
- Ana Carla Vicente Vieira
- Francisco José Alexandre Nunes
- Gabriel Pereira Pires
- Jorge Manuel Correia Guilherme
- Ana Cristina Barata Pires Lopes

Not applicable.

Being able to apply knowledge, skills and tools acquired during the degree in order to develop an applied project.

Develop a practical project in an area related to the course.

Evaluation Methodology
Assessment of project work. The Project assignment is subject to public discussion and consideration. For this purpose the Regulations of ESTT's Licenciatura degree shall apply.

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Method of interaction
Work supervised by at least one lecturer.
The projects that are undertaken in partnership with companies will be co-supervised additionally by an official of the company who ensures that the project goals are achieved.

Software used in class
Word, Excel and other software that depends on the type of project