Packaging and Processing

Design and Graphic Arts
5 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 60,0 TP + 4,0 OT

- Regina Aparecida Delfino

Not applicable.

Acquisition and mastery of packaging design and technology knowledge. Prepare them to solve design and packaging related problems as well produce promotional material and design and develop packaging prototypes.They should master ArtiosCad and Studio Visualizer software.

Packaging definitions, packaging types. Market aspects. Packaging functions. Methodology for packaging design. Colour application, bar code. Printing methods and labels. Packaging and the environment. ArtiosCAD software. Normalized, flexible and semi-rigid packages and labels. Three-dimensional promotional objects. Production processes, equipment/systems.

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous asses.: 30% test and 70% practical projects.Final grade is weighted average of all grades.Final asses.: 2/3 of the classes and min. of 10/20 on projects. Final theoretical exam. Min. pass grade is 10/20.

- STEWART, B. (2007). Packaging ? Manual de diseño y produccion. Barcelona: Ediciones Gustavo Gili
- MESTRINER, F. (2001). Design de Embalagem. Curso Básico. São Paulo: Makron Books
- GIOVANNETTI, M. (1995). El Mundo del envase. Manual para el diseño y producción de envases y embalajes. Barcelona: Gustavo Gili
- SONSINO, S. (1990). Packaging. Diseño, materiales, tecnologia. Barcelona: Gustavo Gili

Method of interaction
Presentation of theoretical contents and analysis of the different packaging types. Execution of packaging design projects from the briefing phase to the final prototype using different materials.

Software used in class
ArtiosCad, Studio Visualizer and Illustrator