Security on wireless sensor networks

Mestrado em Engenharia Informática - Internet das Coisas
7.5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 30,0 PL + 30,0 TP + 15,0 OT + 10,0 O

- Luís Miguel Lopes de Oliveira

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know the main threats to the security of sensor networks
Know the security mechanisms best suited to sensor networks. develop Security solutions for sensor networks according to the service
Detect and prevent security attacks
Identify the WNS' ethical, social and social and legal problems.

a) Identification of the main threats to data and systems in sensor networks
b) Security primitives based on symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography
c) Management of cryptographic keys in sensor networks
d) Security mechanisms for network and media access layer
e) Safe aggregation of data
f) Access control mechanisms and intrusion detection
g) Identification of security issues relating to social, ethical and legal aspects

Evaluation Methodology
The assessment is based on two components: i) theoretical (40%) and practical (60%).

- Shafiullah , . (2013). Wireless Networks and Security. Berlin : Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Method of interaction
theoretical sessions to present and discuss the main concepts and laboratory sessions to solve real problems related with WSN and its services.

Software used in class
Cooja; Contiki, FreeRTOS