Methodology for Archaeological Survey in Submerged Sites

Pós-Graduação em Arqueologia Subaquática

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The aim is for students to acquire skills in the theory and practice of underwater archaeological exploration methodology, are able to choose and apply a methodology to any event and know how to recognize underwater archaeological remains.

1. Underwater archeology: concepts;
2. The evolution of man's relationship with the sea and the underwater world.;
3. The underwater archaeological heritage.;
4. Different types of stations
5. Methods and techniques for archaeological prospection:. Planned; equipment and tools; location and positioning; traces and recognition; registration system, criteria and guidance.
6. Legislation

Evaluation Methodology
The written test will be done by e-learning.
All tests are different. The questions are randomly chosen and mixed by computer.
In a few moments some more practical component may be required.


Method of interaction
Distance learning, through classroom and e-learning/Wimba platform.
Theoretical and practical

Software used in class
E-learning; Wimba; Java;