Urbanism and Communications

Landscape Management

6 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 15,0 T + 45,0 TP


Mathematics; Statistics

The students should understand the processes and factors underpinning urban concentrations, urban growth and development, urban network, urban systems and communication networks, transportation policies and be able to apply analysis and case study methodologies.

1. Spatial organisation trends
2. The urban phenomenon: analysis
3. Communications and transportation: mobility factors
4. Urban network and system: a cohesion and development tool
5. The European transportation policy for 2010-2020
6. The Portuguese transportation and accessibility system.

Evaluation Methodology
Assessment portfolio including monographs, reports, essays, reflections, etc. on taught topics up to 40% of overall mark.
Written test: 60%

- Pólese, M. (1998). Economia Urbana e Regional. Coimbra: APDR
- O'Sullivan, A. (2006). Urban economics. .: McGraw-Hill

Method of interaction
Theoretical-practical classes.

Software used in class