Environmental Risks and Impact Assessment


Landscape Management

9 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 T + 75,0 TC


Not applicable.

Understand and interpret the main sources of natural hazards.
Evaluate risk factors through the use of various metrics. Develop an Environmental Impact assessment using all tecnical resources.

- Vulcanic activity;
- Floods and landslides;
- Storms, tornados and hurricanes;
- Impact assessment;
- Risk analysis;
- Forecast and risk simulation;
- Environmental impact assessment.

Evaluation Methodology
Written exam (50%) + essay with presentation(50%).

- Jesus, J. e Partidário, M. (1994). Avaliação de impacte ambiental. Lisboa: Centro de Estudos de Planeamento e Gestão do Ambiente
- Therivel, R. e Morris, P. (2001). Methods of environmental impact assessment. London: Spon Press
- Manahan, S. (1997). Environmental science and technology. New York: Lewis Publishers
- Andrew, C. e Therivel, R. e Glasson, J. (2005). Introduction to environmental impact assessment. London: Routledge

Method of interaction
Lectures and tutorials.

Software used in class