Introduction to Public Healthcare

Health Care Services Management
5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 60,0 TP

- José Manuel Barros Pinheiro Nogueira

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On completion of the module the students should
-know the historical developmentS of the key public healthcare concepts and practices in Portugal and in Europe.
- be familiar with the current Portuguese healthcare system.
- be aware of the significance of promoting public healthcare in Portugal

- Health and Public Health -concepts and definitions.
- A historical overview of healthcare systems
- Healthcare policies and systems
- Planning and evaluation - a milestone in healthcare administration
- The National Healthcare Plan 2011/2016
- He

Evaluation Methodology
practical work

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- Imperatori, E. (1999). Mais de 1001 conceitos para melhorar a qualidade dos Serviços de Saúde:Glossário. Lisboa: Edinova
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- Saúde Pública, C. (0). Saúde Pública na União Europeia.Acedido em5 de julho de 2012 em

Method of interaction
Theoretical and practical classes supported by classroom debate and case study analysis. Student-centred activities.

Software used in class