Introduction to Management


Bank Management and Administration, Publication in the Diário da República - Bolonha 2008/09 [DR. 20757/2008 07.08.2008]

6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 TP


Not applicable.

Provide an introduction to the different management concepts through case study analysis. Upon completion of the course the students are expected to have good foundations of management.

1. What is an organization?
2. Objective-Based Administration
3. The Production Function
4. The Financial Function
5. The Commercial Function
6. The Human Resources Function

Evaluation Methodology
Mid-term test (100%). A final exam (100%) for those students who failed continuous assessment.

- Sousa, A. (1998). Introdução à Gestão: Uma Abordagem Sistémica. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: Editorial Verbo
- Santos, J. e Ferreira, M. (2008). Ser Empreendedor ? Pensar Criar e Moldar a Nova Empresa. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: Edições Sílabo
- Cunha, M. e Rego, A. (2007). O Tao da Eficácia Organizacional. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: Edições Sílabo

Method of interaction
- Current issues and case study discussion
- Illustrative examples, exercises and oral and written applications with a
view to improving comprehension and learning;
- Analysis of assignments on proposed topics.

Software used in class