Processos Cromogéneos

6 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 T + 45,0 TP + 5,0 OT


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On completion of this module students should:
- Understand the basics of colour photography.
- Understand the most common colour print processes.
- Have an overview of the historical evolution of colour processes
- Have gained awareness of colour adjustment.
- Be able to print in colours.

Colour magnification. Chromogenous negatives and colour prints. Colour developing and sensitometry. The different print processes. Dominant spot colour. Colour analysis methods. History of the chromogenous process.

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous assessment: two tests, a theoretical presentation and laboratory reports. A minimum mark of 10/20 in all components is required to pass.

- Friedman, J. (1968). History of Color Photography. London: Focal Press
- Wall, E. (1925). The History of Three-Color Photography. Boston: American Photographic Publishing Company
- Coe, B. (1978). Color Photography, the first hundred years 1840-1940. London: Ash & Grant
- Welford, S. (1971). L.P.Clerc's Photography Teory and Practice, #6 Colour Processes. (Vol. 6). London: Focal Press

Method of interaction
Lectures exploring the theoretical contents and laboratory classes (practice and experimentation).

Software used in class
Not applicable.