Media Studies
7 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 60,0 PL + 45,0 TP + 5,50 OT

- Hália Filipa da Costa Santos

Approval of Journalistic Genre subject.

- To learn theoretical foundations and understand the main current journalistic issues.
- To develop writing abilities in reporting and interviewing
- To organise a public event do discuss Journalistic issues.

Current journalistic affairs: discussion and analysis of specific cases.
Reporting and interviewing for written supports, including the LabNewspaper and Local Media.
How to organise a public event about Journalism.

Evaluation Methodology
- Journalistic content produced in classroom (40%)
- Journalistic Interview (15%)
- Journalistic Report (15%)
- Group project to organise the event (30%)

Exam and Last exam: the same contents.

- Figueiredo, E. (2003). Dicionário Prático para o Estudo do Português - da Língua aos Discursos. Porto: Porto Editora

Method of interaction
Lectures and tutorials where professional subjects are analysed. Practical classes where written contexts are produced, as well as a multimedia content about a major story, like the ones produced by the newspapers for their sites.

Software used in class