Drawing Project


Plastic Arts - Painting and Intermedia, Publication in the Diário da República - Ext Ata Reun n.23 CTC-ESTT

16 ECTS; 3º Ano, Anual, 30,0 T + 150,0 PL + 15,0 OT


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a) Develop a drawing project as autonomous medium with an interdisciplinary sense.
b) Deepen and consolidate own languages, crossing various registration processes and personal reinvention.
c) Set operating design feature limits as artistic discussion of territory.

- Drawing as innate human capacity and as a vehicle search core values;
- Drawing as a means of expression of ideas and building thinking;
- The economy of means required by this artistic practice;
- The individual expression of drawing - the artist ex

Evaluation Methodology
The evaluation will be continuous and effected by conducting theoretical and practical work of design character with the same periodic presentations. At the end of the school year must be submitted installed every design project.

- AA. VV., .. (1999). Desenho - Projecto de Desenho. .: Instituto de Arte Contemporânea
- Barro, D. (2003). Imagens (Pictures) para uma Representação Contemporânea. .: Mimesis
- Butler, C. (1999). Afterimage: Drawing Through Process. New York: The Museum of Contemporary Art
- Molina, J. e Mintzberg, H. e Lampel, J. e Quinn, J. e Ghoshal, S. (2006). Las Lecciones del Dibujo. Madrid: Cátedra

Method of interaction
Class development practices and discussion of each individual student project.

Presentation of works of contemporary artists that use drawing as a means of expression and independent visits to exhibitions, where appropriate.

Software used in class
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