Administration of Shared Resources

Public Administration
5 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 TP + 15,0 OT


Not applicable.

The student should become familiar with policies, programs, measures and actions for iGov and eGovernment in Portugal and in Europe and with the use of computer networks to share resources and a database management system and query information using the SQL language.

1. eGovernment
2. Networking and Resource Sharing
3. Internet - Web 2.0 Tools for Sharing Resources
4. Electronic Commerce and Telework
5. Security and Privacy
6. Databases - Information Repositories, Distributed Information and Access

Evaluation Methodology
Written open-book test.
A practical assignment with public discussion.
Minimum required mark in each assessment component: 7 (out of a 0/20 scale)

- Campos, R. e Silva, V. e Marques, C. e Mendes, J. (0). Redes de Computadores.Acedido em18 de maio de 2012 em
- Mendes, J. (0). Segurança.Acedido em18 de maio de 2012 em
- Mendes, J. (0). Sociedade de Informação em Portugal e iGov.Acedido em18 de maio de 2012 em
- Mendes, J. (0). Sociedade de Informação na Europa e eGovernement.Acedido em18 de maio de 2012 em

Method of interaction
A mix of theoretical and laboratory sessions involving problem solving.

Software used in class