TeSP - Tecnologia e Programação em Sistemas de Informação
5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 60,0 TP


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The students should be able to use a set of oral and written skills in several communicative situations. Understand and produce several texts acccording to the strutural and grammatical rules of the English language. Recognise and use properly specific vocabular. "Role-playing"

Subject contentes
1. The English language in everyday life
1.1 Daily communication
2. The English language in work contexto
2.1 Specific documents linked with the work market
3. The English language and today's world
3.1 The importance of the ICT
4. The Society and the media
4.1 Analysis of different types of informative texts
Grammatical contentes
1. Articles and pronouns
2. Verb tenses
3. Prepositions
4. Adjectives and adverbs
5. Conjunctions

Evaluation Methodology

- Walter, C. e Swan, M. (1997). How English Works-Grammar Practice Book. United Kingdom: Oxford University Press
- Glendinning, E. (2011). Technology. United Kingdom: Oxford University Press
- Thomas, B. (1986). Intermediate Vocabulary. England: Longman Group Limited
- Redman, S. (1997). English Vocabulary in Use-pre intermediate & intermediate. United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press

Method of interaction
Theoretical and pratical lessons where the oral comprehensional skills and the oral and written expressions develop through the achievement of simulations and analysis of multimédia documents and others.

Software used in class
Not applicable.