Postgraduate in Multimedia Design

3 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 20,0 TP


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Teaching unit about organization and registration/visual planning design solutions within the design for films and animations, interactive and sequential.

1.1 The narrative; traditional sequential structure (EST)
1.2 Elements of the EST
1.2.1 Theme or topic
1.2.2 Point Story
1.2.3 Actors and protagonist
1.2.4 Temporal and spatial context
1.2.5 Types of discursive registers
1.3 Structures sequential and non-sequential. Examples
1.4 Content and Learning Theories
1.4.1 Constructivism
1.5 Morphology and Syntax
1.5.1 Take and framing
1.5.2 Field and off the field
1.5.3 Rule of Thirds
1.5.4 Triangulations
1.5.5 Point, line, plane, light / illumination, size and scale, tension. other
1.5.6 Pairs of contrast
1.5.7 Frame, scene, sequence
1.5.8 Plan and scale plans
1.5.9 Point of view angle and camera movements
1.6 Relations expression content
1.6.1 Examples
1.6.2 Score
1.6.3 Examples
1.7 Other aspects or elements filmology

2.1 Functions
2.2 Strategic and Tactical Paradigm Paradigm; system concept.
2.2 Fields of application: examples
2.3 The beginnings
2.4 Transformation of registration in writing or orally visual record
2.4.1 Structure of storyboad
2.4.2 Examples
2.4.5 Templates
2.5 Storyboad and storyshoot
2.6 Skills
2.7 Forms of expression and representation
2.7.1 Basic principles of composition
2.7.2 Negative space and shape overlaping
2.7.3 Expressive wooden character versus character
2.7.4 Lines of action of single elements and groups of elements
2.7.5 Character and actions
2.8 Tools supporting and complementary, recording instruments
2.9 Recommendations
2:10 Chek-list and indicators

3.1 Briefing of the project
3.2 Presentation of the problem. qualified informants
3.2 Survey and organization of the material
3.3 Organization of the content
3.4 Options narratives in terms of content and inputs
3.5 Constitution of teams
3.6 Storyboarding
3.7 Presentation and final discussion

Evaluation Methodology
Summative assessment will take place in the last session or class, assuming the show of work or tasks requested, including all the elements necessary for their understanding and awareness of setbacks and steps involved in the process.


Method of interaction
Not Applicable

Software used in class