Computer-Aided Design

Landscape Management

4 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 PL


Not applicable.

The students should be able to accurately visualise or describe any object, regardless of its complexity, with the aid of AUTOCAD regardless of its complexity, while complying with the representation standards in force.

Main drawing controls and configurations.
Format, units, drawing area settings, squareness and captions.
Two-dimensional drawing.
Map digitisation.
Three-dimensional drawing.

Evaluation Methodology
Ongoing assessment: exercises + 1 practical assignment.

Examination requirement: a minimum mark of >= 5.5/20 is required to take the examination.

- Ferramacho, H. (2006). O Guia Prático do AutoCAD 2007 a 3-Dimensões. Portugal: Centro Atlântico
- Ferramacho, . (2009). O Guia Prático do AutoCAD 2010 a 2-Dimensões. Portugal: Centro Atlântico
- Inc, A. (0). Manual do AutoCAD. Acedido em 10 de setembro de 2011 em

Method of interaction
Lectures and practical exercises.

Software used in class