Photography Project 1

8 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 PL + 15,0 TP + 15,0 S + 10,0 OT

- Duarte Pinto Coelho Amaral Netto

Not applicable.

The students will develop individual projects which reveal their creative skills and apply taught concepts and principles.
The Project should be based on a personal motivation and on a deep reflection on the its underlying theme and context.

Students will discuss the way of different authors in photography. Personal Projects will be monitored with teacher individually and in group, in their several phases of development. (work in progress).

Evaluation Methodology
With a pre-established periodicity, the projects will be analyzed according to the concept of "work in progress". The Draft Exhibition and its report will be presented publicly.
Project + Presentation - 80%
Continuous assessment - 20%

- Mirzoeff, N. (1999). An Introduction to Visual Culture. .: Routledge
- Chevalier, J. e Gheerbrant, A. (1994). Dicionário de Símbolos. Portugal: Teorema
- Fried, M. (2008). Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before. USA: Yale University Press

Method of interaction
Group and individual tutorials. Practical classes: case study analysis, individual and group assignments, fieldwork, studio work, analogue and digital laboratory.

Software used in class