Mestrado em Manutenção de Instalações Técnicas, Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho n.º 12546/2014

6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 22,50 T + 22,55 TP + 4,0 OT


Not applicable.

The students will develop theoretical and practical skills in the field of renewable power generation with application in buildings.

1. Heliotechnics
2. Solar Thermal Systems.
3. Solar Photovoltaic Systems.
4. Wind Energy Conversion systems.
5. Complementary Thermal Systems.

Evaluation Methodology
Two compulsory tests (T) and a final project (P).
The final grade (FG) is calculated according to the following formula:
FG = 0.5 x [(FG1 + FG2) / 2] + 0.5 x TP


Method of interaction
Lectures and practical classes focused on problem solving.

Software used in class