Final Project

Documentary Film Studies
30 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 90,0 PL + 6,0 OT

- João Pedro Freire Fonseca da Luz

Not applicable.

A. Demonstrate skills of film directing and documentary production;
B. Understand group dynamics in film production;
C. Develop advanced technical profiles according to individual skills;
D. Articulate the preproduction file with the shooting contingencies and post production.

1. Production plan
1.1. Review of project files
1.2. Logistics requirements
1.3. Production schedules

2. Shooting
2.1. Technical script
2.2. Shooting maps
2.3. Screening and selection of raw materials

3. Post-Production
3.1. Editing
3.2. Design and sound mixing
3.3. Grading
3.4. Subtitling

4. Screening-test
4.1. Qualitative analysis
4.2. Aspects to refine

5. Refinement
5.1. Editing
5.2. Audio post-production
5.3. Grading
5.4. Encoding and exporting of master

6. Final Screening
6.1. Analysis and critical discussion of the film

7. Promotion and distribution
7.1. Press-kit
7.2. Graphic design
7.3. Distribution channels

Evaluation Methodology
The evaluation follows the rules defined in the Regulation of Project Curricular Units.
Attendance and participation (20%)
Film (50%)
Individual report (20%)
Promotional Kit (10%)

- Bill, N. (1991). Representing Reality ?Issues and Concepts in Documentary. Indiana: Indiana University Press
- Rabiger, M. (2009). Directing the Documentary. Burlington: Focal Press

Method of interaction
1. Theoretical and practical classes
2. Follow-up tutorials
3. Practical work
4. Screening and film analysis

Software used in class
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere
DaVinci Resolve
Pro Tools
Quicktime player