Information and Communication Technologies I

Information and Communication Technologies, Publication in the Diário da República - Plano 4 - 2010/2011

5.5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 PL + 30,0 TP


Computer skills at user level

On completion of this unit students should: 1) Learn how to use Word to support business activity; 2) Improve communication and disseminate knowledge through the use of presentation software development; 3) Learn how to use Outlook to enhance business communication; 4)Learn how to use cloud services

1. Microsoft Word
2. Microsoft Powerpoint
3. Microsoft Outlook
4. Cloud Services

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous assessment: Frequency (80%) + Individual Work I (10%) + Individual Work II (10%)

Final Assessment: Exam (100%)

- Marques, P. e Costa, N. (2013). Fundamental do Word 2013. (Vol. 1). (pp. 1-360). Lisboa: FCA - Editora Informática
- Marques, P. (2011). Exercícios de Powerpoint 2010 & 2007. (Vol. 1). (pp. 1-224). Lisboa: FCA - Editora Informática
- Marques, P. (2011). Fundamental do Outlook 2010. (Vol. 1). (pp. 1-248). Lisboa: FCA - Editora Informática

Method of interaction
Theoretical/Practical Classes: Demonstration of the syllabus to the students using the demonstrative and the lecture method

Practicals: Analysis and resolution of practical cases (adapted to the professional reality)

Software used in class
Microsoft Office 2013