Integrated Project

Pós-Graduação em Business Intelligence

20 ECTS; 1º Ano, Anual, 136,0 PL + 64,0 OT + 10,0 O



1. Know the development cycle of an information system.
2. Detail the development plan in order to allow tactical definition of the technology to be used and risk analysis management.
3. To give students the essential skills for the management and development of a project in information systems.

a) Systems Development Life Cycle (SLDC).
c) Planning the development of an infrrmation system (scoping, definition of stakeholders, analysis, management and risk mitigation).
d) Project development in a real environment (project integration , scope management, schedule management , cost management , quality management , human resource management , risk management , contract management.

Evaluation Methodology
The evaluation method consists of intra assessment concerning the developed project.


Method of interaction
The course is organized with an initial meeting with organizations that have projects of information systems (business intelligence) to be developed. Projects will be allocated to groups of students and developed.

Software used in class
All applications utilized during the course.