Master's degree in Health Resources Management

ECTS; 2º Ano, Anual, 75,0 OT


Not applicable.

1. 1.This module lasts one semester and comprises one of the following options:
a) An original project work
b) A dissertation
b) An internship and final report

1. The project work, dissertation or internship report may be supervised by:
a) a Tenured Professor holding a PhD degree (or equivalent) appointed by the Master's Coordinating Committee
b) renowned specialist as recognised by the Committee.
c) a master's lecturer appointed by the committee.
2. The assignments referred to in (1)may also be supervised by PhD professors or researchers from other..

Evaluation Methodology
The public discussion of the project work, thesis or internship report must be held within 180 days from submission and shall only take place in the presence of at least 3 members of the panel of examiners.


Method of interaction

Software used in class