Business Restructuring

Master's degree in Family Business Management and Entrepreneurship

ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 30,0 T + 15,0 TP


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An overview of corporate finance applied to family businesses, including the most relevant issues of the financial activity of an enterprise. The students will be familiar with the concepts, methods and tools to solve the major financial problems, specially investment and financing, of a firm...

Value creation factors; Economic and financial impact and synergies; Strategies and Methods; Company Restructuring; investment restructuring projects; Types of mergers and acquisitions; Capital restructuring (OPV) and other forms of financial restructuring; Bankrupcy; Corporate governance principles.

Evaluation Methodology
Calculation of Final overall grade:
Weighted average of the following components:
Final exam 50%
Group work 35%
Attendance and class performance 15%


Method of interaction
Lectures on applicable legislation, the Portuguese Company Law,Trade Income Tax Code and International Accounting Standards. Assessment is continuous based on practical coursework and theoretical memos carried out by the students and a final test.

Software used in class