Gestão Administrativa e Auditoria de Recursos Humanos

Gestão de Recursos Humanos e Comportamento Organizacional
6 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 75,0 TP + 15,0 OT

- Ana Marta Diniz Santos Rodrigues

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Provide the students knowledge about the administrative management of HR.
Use in a computer environment, SAGENext-Management software, with a view to payroll and preparing strategic documents: Social Report, Single Report, HR Audit, Balanced Scorecard, Tableaux Bord, etc.

Part I - Company Creation - now time platform.
Part II - Individual employment contracts
2.1. Definition of Employment Contract
2.2. The employment contract form
2.3. Legal procedures for hiring
2.4. Contract duration
2.5. Types of employment contracts
Part III - The Absenteeism
3.1. Indicators of Absenteeism
3.2. Gravity rate and the cost of absenteeism
Part IV - Absences
4.1. Justified absences with and without compensation
4.2. Unjustified absences: its effects (new)
Part V - Vacation
5.1. Overall concept
5.2. Vacation effect on the year of admission and the subsequent calendar year
Part VI - Earnings
6.1. The difference between retribution and compensation
6.2. The difference between basic salary and basic salary
6.3. The calculation of wages
6.4. The incidence of IRS and TSU discounts
6.5. The additional remuneration
6.6. Overtime (amendment 2015)
6.7. Seniority
6.8. Awards and Bonuses
6.9. Additional perks
Part VII - Social Security
7.1. Liability of an employer
Part VIII - The Contribution Code of Social Security
Part IX - Use in computing environment, the SAGE software Next, in order to payroll (payroll) and developing strategic documents used in administrative management and the Audit Human Resources:
- Social Report.
- Single Report.
- Audit of Human Resources.
- Balanced Scorecard.
- Tableaux de Bord.
- Analysis and Function Qualification.

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous Assessment: evaluation (50%); activities and group work (50%). The student exemption from final exam with the average of the continuous assessment, less than 10 points.
Final assessment: exam in the established time.

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Method of interaction
Classes with oral presentation supported by data show, and presentation/discussion of cases and the work carried out through the use of SAGENext software.

Software used in class
SAGE: people management.