Corporate Finance

Business Administration (pós-laboral)
6 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 75,0 TP

- Luís António Antunes Francisco

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Provide students a contact with the broad field of financial management of the company, with a set of models and techniques to enable them to better understand and more effective performance of the functions of financial management, namely: evaluation of investments, financing and cost of capital.

1. Investment Decisions
1.1. Basic concepts
1.2. Determination of cash flows
1.3. Taxation and inflation impact
1.4.Criteria decision
1.5. Project selection - specific cases
2. Financing Policy
2.1. The cost of capital
2.2. Financing instruments
2.3. Capital structure and firm value
2.4. Capital structure in the new finance streams
3. Dividend policy
4. Short-term financial management

Evaluation Methodology
2 tests - First weighting 30% and the second weighting 70%

- Martins, A. e Cruz, I. e Augusto, M. e Silva, P. e Gonçalves, P. (2011). Manual de gestão financeira empresarial. Lisboa: Coimbra Editores

Method of interaction
Theoretical practices with resolution of practical cases.

Software used in class