Projecto de Investimentos

Auditoria e Fiscalidade
5 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 60,0 TP

- Eduardo Fontão MontAlverne Brou

Basics of Financial Calculus

It is intended that students hold the key concepts, models and tools for investment analysis and thus be able to intelligently participate in the process of making decisions on the selection of projects, in the perspective of adding value to the company.

I - Introduction to Corporate Finance;
II - Tools of Corporate Finance;
III - The basics of risk and cost of capital estimation;
IV Investment analysis;
V - Investment decision rules;
VI - Uncertainty and risk in capital budgeting;
VII - Investment returns and Corporate Strategy.

Evaluation Methodology
- 2 Written Tests

- Quality of Participation in classes.

- Damodaran, A. (2001). Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice. USA: John Wiley & Sons
- Barros, C. (2007). Avaliação Financeira de Projetos de Investimento. Lisboa: Escolar Editora
- Damodaran, A. (2011). Applied Corporate Finance. USA: Wiley

Method of interaction
Theoretical and practical sessions in which are taught the planned syllabus, using support materials, power point presentations and practical exercises.

Software used in class