Projecto II

Video e Cinema Documental
7 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 75,0 PL + 4,0 OT

- Emídio Jorge Buchinho de Oliveira
- João Pedro Freire Fonseca da Luz

Not applicable.

A. Demonstrate skills of film directing and documentary production;
B. Understand group dynamics in film production;
C. Develop appropriate technical profiles according to individual skills;
D. Articulate the preproduction file with the shooting contingencies and post production.

1. Production plan
2. Shooting
3. Post-Production
4. Screening-test
5. Refinement
6. Final screening
7. Promotion and distribution

Evaluation Methodology
The evaluation follows the rules defined in the Regulation of Project Curricular Units.

Attendance and participation (30%)
Film (35%)
Individual report (25%)
Promotional Kit (10%)

- Rabiger, M. e , . (2009). Directing the Documentary. Boston: Focal Press

Method of interaction
1. Theoretical and practical classes
2. Follow-up tutorials
3. Practical work
4. Screening and film analysis

Software used in class
Final Cut Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Pro Tools
Quicktime player