Atelier III

Comunicação Social
7 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 PL + 45,0 TP + 5,50 OT

- Raquel Palma Tomé de Sousa Botelho
- Joana Conceição dos Santos

Approval in previous UC: Business Communication Workshop I and II.

Business Communication Workshop III aims to specialize students in the implementation and strategic definition of Marketing and Communication Planning, crossing the market needs, with the immediate response of the whole and multidisciplinarity of Corporate Communications.

Module A
1.Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan (15H)
2.Setting up a strategy (20H)
3.The challenges of the implementation process of Marketing Strategy (27H)
4.Monitoring and Managing a Marketing Strategy (35H)
5.Personal Marketing(08H)
Module B
1. Documents and Corporate Communications and Institutional procedures (35H)
2. Contact with professionals (10H)

Evaluation Methodology
JOBS: Group 70% Indv 30%
Evaluation: 80% Jobs 20% Assiduity
Examination and Appeal:
A-Delivery and apr. written two days JOBS before the dates of the exams, and defended orally on days of exams
B-Works equivalent to those produced in half

- Et al, . e Kotler, P. (2009). Marketing Management. (Vol. 1). London: Prentice Hall
- Lindon, D. (2011). Mercator - Teoria e Prática do Marketing. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: D. Quixote
- Chandler, R. (2008). Media Relations: Concepts and Principles for Effective Public Relations. (Vol. 1). London: Outskirts Press

Method of interaction
The students will respond to several briefs, taking into account the principles learned about marketing strategies. Presenting case studies in order to be analyzed and evaluated. Direct contact with professionals.

Software used in class
Creative Suite Adobe.