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1.º Seminário de Proteção Civil do IPT



The 1st Civil Protection Seminar – Informal Conversations with Experienced Professionals will take place on 25 February at 9 a.m. in the Professor José Bayolo Pacheco de Amorim auditorium at the Polytechnic of Tomar. Seminar on Civil Protection - Informal Conversations with Experienced Professionals where topics such as Prevention, Intervention, Planning and Organisation will be debated.


Registration until 18 February on https://bit.ly/3ywCtwm


Seminar Programme
8:30 · Registration

9:00 · Opening Session - João Coroado, President of the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar

9:15 · Training offer in the area of Civil Protection at the IPT
Rita Anastácio, Luís Santos, Vítor Reis, Eugénio Pina de Almeida, IPT faculty members

9:30 · Forest fire risk and management
Domingos Xavier Viegas, Coimbra University

10:30 · Coffee break

10:45 · Aerial means in theatres of operations
António Pereira, Babcock, ENB, University of Salamanca

11:45 · Organisation and management of the Regional Civil Protection Service of Madeira
Miguel Branco, Serviço Regional de Proteção Civil da Madeira

12:30 · Lunch

14:00 · Intervention of the ANEPC in an operational context
Mário Silvestre, ANEPC

14:30 · Operational Model for Fire Brigades on an Intermunicipal scale

João Pitacas, Visiting Lecturer at IPT, ENB Trainer

15:00 · Coffee break

15:30 · Fire prevention and mitigation
Vasco Lopes, IPT faculty member

16:00 · Organisation of the Municipal Civil Protection Service
Pedro Mendes, Municipal Civil Protection Coordinator

16:30 · Logistical planning in a disaster context in Tomar Municipality
Anabela Freitas, Mayor of Tomar

17:00 · Closing Session
Luís Santos, IPT faculty member, Director of the CTeSP in Safety and Civil Protection

Rita Anastácio, IPT faculty member, Director of the Postgraduate Diploma programme in Civil Protection



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