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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 12803/2021 - 29/12/2021

6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 56,0 TP + 14,0 OT , Cód. 600231.

- Célio Gonçalo Cardoso Marques

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1) Use Word to process text with productivity 2) Do advanced calculation with Excel 3) Experiment presentation techniques with Powerpoint 4) Analyze presence on the internet and social networks 5) Sensitize to security, privacy and data protection.
The course underlies the Sustainable Development Objective of promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth with decent and productive work.

1 Word Processing with Microsoft Word: configure, edit, view and format. Structure with highlights. References: bibliography, legends, notes and indexes. Insert other objects. Shared editing and review. Serial email.
2.Advanced calculation with Microsoft Excel: configure, edit, view and format. Relative and absolute addresses, formulas and functions. Insert graphics and other objects. Shared editing and review. Data and Analysis.
3 Microsoft PowerPoint presentations: configure, edit, format and view. Templates for slides, brochures and notes. Insert objects. Assign animations. Establish transitions. Shared editing and review. Make presentations.
4. Promote presence on the Internet, search engines and social networks. Information Society in Europe and Portugal. Smart Business and new forms of business
5. Security and Privacy: to know organizations and technologies related to the security of data, equipment and privacy. Data Protection Regulation

Evaluation Methodology
30% Individual Test - Make a Word Report
30% Individual Test - Solve Excel problems
40% Essay - Make a presentation on the presence, personal or organizational, on the internet and social networks addressing digital transformation, security, privacy and data protection. The essay will be developed individually or in groups.
Students to exempt from exam must have a minimum evaluation of 7/20 values in each of the 3 elements mentioned above.

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- Reed, J. (2022). Microsoft 365 For Dummies. WILEY: WILEY

Teaching Method
Theoretical Lectures and laboratory classes.

Software used in class
Microsoft Office
e-Learning (Moodle)




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