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Thematic Seminars on Human Resources Management

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 6419/2017, de 24-07-2017

4 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 12,0 S , Cód. 929912.

- João Pedro Dias Fontes da Costa
- Andrea Isabel Oliveira da Costa e Sousa
- Sílvio Manuel da Rocha Brito
- Maria Fernanda Pires Aparício
- Maria Graciete da Purificação Reis Henriques Honrado

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- Identify HRM trends and challenges;
- Describe HRM in an integrated way;
- Identify the administrative view of the strategic vision of HRM;
- Identify and apply strategies to measure the return on investment in HR;
- Describe the implications of new forms of digital work.

Thematic seminars with invited professionals, in view of the pertinence of the themes to be addressed, that best complement the training of students.
It is intended that the contemporaneousness of the HRM be understood in its expression, at the level of policies and practices, through the holding of seminars with invited professionals, that approach themes such as:
1) Trends in HRM;
2) An integrated HR vision;
3) From administrative to strategic vision;
4) Measure the return on investment in HR;
5) Challenges of modernity;
6) HRM and the new organizational forms;
7) The digitization of the world of work;
8) HRM and organizational flexibility.

Evaluation Methodology
Individual work: the student should carry out a real case study in one of the current topics (100%).

- , . Cada profissional convidado apresentará alguns títulos de bibliografia aconselhada para o tema apresentado. . :

Teaching Method
This course allows a diversity of approaches and debates of the presented contents that stimulates the development of new competences for HR managers both in practice and research through more participative classes.

Software used in class
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