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Publication in the Diário da República: Aviso nº 11575/2023 - 16/06/2023

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, Anual, 42,0 TP , Cód. 66332.

- Eugénio Manuel Carvalho Pina de Almeida

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O1 - Development of a critical spirit that allows understanding, interpreting and applying knowledge in the field of physics and technology related to this area;
O2 - Application of logical reasoning to specific problems, using resources from physics and mathematics tools, as well as examples developed in the laboratory environment
O3 - Knowledge and skills development for analysis, observation and problem solving in the field of Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Electrostatics
O4 - Knowing how to measure physical quantities, analyze data and build correlations between variables

1-Unit Systems. Scalars and vectors: 1.1 Physical quantities and their units. International System of Units, 1.2 Scalars and Vectors, 1.3 Representation and operation with vectors, 1.4 Exercises

2-Fundamentals and Properties of Matter: 2.1 Structure of matter, 2.2 Chemical Elements and Periodic Table, 2.3 Solids; 2.4 Liquids, 2.5 Gases, 2.6 Exercises

3-Classical Mechanics: 3.1 Newton's Law of Inertia or First Law, 3.2 Rectilinear motion, 3.3 Circular, parabolic and oscillatory movements, 3.4 Fundamental law of dynamics or Newton's Second law. 3.5 Reaction action law or Newton's third law. 3.6 Work and Energy, 3.7 Exercises

4-Notions of Thermodynamics: 4.1 Temperature, Calorimetry, Heat Transfer 4.2 Internal Energy, Conversion of heat into Work, notion of entropy, 4.3 Exercises

5. Electrostatics: 5.1 Properties of the electric charge, 5.2 Action of the electric charge, 5.3 Electric field, 5.4 Work and electric potential, 5.5 Electric potential and Electric field, 5.6 Exercises

Evaluation Methodology
Classification: 0 to 20 points.
Approval with a minimum of 10 values
Minimum frequency grade: 7.0 values

1. Continuous assessment: two written tests containing problems and development questions; 1st frequency in the middle of the semester and 2nd frequency at the end of the semester with a weighting of 50% each, for the final grade.

2. Final written test for the student who has not obtained approval in continuous assessment (or who intends to improve the grade) in Exam and / or Examination of Appeal, with a weighting of 100% for the final grade

- Almeida, E. (2020). Apontamentos e exercícios de Física . IPT: UDMF-IPT
- Almeida, G. (2002). Sistema Internacional de Unidades. Lisboa: Plátano Editora
- Hewitt, P. (2002). Física Conceitual. S. Paulo: Bookman ed.

Teaching Method
M1:Lectures-Presentation of the laws of physics
M2:Theoretical-practical classes-problem solving;
M3:Mentoring Guidance
M5:consultation of resources on the internet
M6:Resolution of additional exercises

Software used in class
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